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Volunteering in the Great Yorkshire Forest

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Buttercup-wrangling in the Forest Garden!

January saw us back to work in the forest garden and tackling the buttercups that were strangling some of the plants and taking over the paths. Some lovely pics courtesy of Michael Hill. We will continue to meet on the second Sunday of every month so if you want to do some volunteering in 2019 then come and join us!


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The Bountiful Forest Garden – getting ready for winter at Dalby Forest

The forest garden was looking particularly lovely this morning as we tidied up for the winter. Still some very juicy blackberries and raspberries and there were lots of bees and insects around too. We also welcomed 3 new volunteers. Thanks everyone for coming!

Next month we will also be working in Lower Dalby getting ready for our Halloween Happenings. The weather will almost certainly have turned cooler by then so what an even more special September morning today.

fungi raspberries beeonmint blackberries rosehips tansyandmint thistle amberandted busy breaktime

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September work task in the Forest Garden

Our next volunteer morning will be on Sunday 20 September in the Forest Garden. This is situated in the courtyard behind the bike hire building and near the Courtyard cafe in Low Dalby. The task will be from 9am (but if you turn up later that is fine) finishing between 12 noon and 1 pm. Bring gardening tools if you wish but this is optional.
Just let us know you’re coming.


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How to create a wildlife-friendly garden

Some great tips from on how to encourage birds, creatures and insects into your garden, and the kind of garden features to incorporate.

The forest garden in the Lower Courtyard at Dalby where we have been working last Autumn has many of these features. Of course we are especially lucky because we have a built-in water feature flowing right alongside! Can’t wait to watch it grow back in the spring.


The forest garden at the courtyard in Lower Dalby