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Stone carving at the maze

We had a lovely morning at the maze practicing our stone lettering skills with local artist Jennifer Tetlow. Everyone did amazingly well and there’s definitely some talent amongst us! Nice to think that our efforts will become part of the maze. And watch this space as there will be more opportunity to have a go as the maze construction continues.

Working by the maze

Working by the maze

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Enchanted Wood – June’s Work Task

Sunday 21st June will be our next work task.

This will be at the Enchanted Wood (near Adderstone Field where there is car parking and toilets) and will involve building up the brash perimeter fence, patching up the stone wall running along the front of the wood, litter picking and general tidying. If there are sufficient volunteers there will also be some work to do on some of the nearby walking trails. The task will commence at 9 am but as usual just turn up when you can.

Just let us know if you intend to come along!


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Shifting stones and the amazing maze


This month’s worktask saw us assisting Mark Ellis at the dry stone maze he is is building at Dalby. Given its planned size, it is still in its embryonic stage, we helped sort and move stones around which will help him as he finishes off the inner circle and start on the next wall.

We turned out in force today for helping at the maze.

We turned out in force today for helping at the maze.

The weather stayed dry and the children even helped a little (but they moved on to more important tasks like building a den naturally). We did not disturb the nesting wagtails who have taken up residence in one of the gaps in the wall and we even re-homed a toad which was living under the pile of stones we were moving. All in all a fabulous day out. Thanks to everyone, including the 3 new volunteers, who came along to help.

Toad in a hole...

Toad from a hole…

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Tour de Yorkshire comes to Dalby

Some of us were volunteering at the Forest helping with the parking, and SOME of us had to work on Day 1 of the inaugral Tour De Yorkshire! Official pictures are here, but thank goodness for social media. Here’s a compilation of some of the Twitter posts of visitors and peloton as they made their way through our lovely forest!

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Adders awakening at Dalby

We’ve already spotted two different adders on the same day this week in the forest.

Adder at the top of Heck Dale

Adder at the top of Heck Dale

The Forestry webpage on adders is here

Adders are common snakes on the North York Moors generally and their presence demonstrates a healthy environment.

There is a thriving population in Dalby Forest and they are quite shy animals and will tend to move away from noise and movement. They are, as a rule, not aggressive but they do have a nasty bite (and most people who are bitten will have been so while trying to handle them or actually stepping on them).They are more active on warmer days and start to hibernate when the weather gets cooler. They really are unlikely to be encountered so we really got lucky to see two thanks to the arrival of the Spring sunshine.

Hope you get to spot one too but of course they are wild animals, so what you shouldn’t do is pick them up!



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