Friends of Dalby Forest

Volunteering in the Great Yorkshire Forest

The Dry Stone Wall Maze

The world’s largest dry stone wall maze is being built in our forest!

The Friends are assisting in the development of the Dry Stone Wall Maze that is being built in the forest, helping to prepare the site as well as assisting Mark Ellis in practical tasks such as sorting the stone. But YOU can get involved with this exciting and monumental landmark by buying a stone for Mark Ellis to build into the maze walls. Follow the JustGiving link to our online campaign (the safest and most secure way to donate online) to leave your donation and message of support*.



Some A-Maze-ing Facts 

  • It will take 2 dry stone wallers 3 years to build the maze
  • The maze will be 80 metres x 80 metres
  • Maze walls will be 2 metres high and 1m wide at the base
  • 4032 tonnes of stone will be used
  • The full length of stone wall will measure 1610 metres
  • The concept of the maze was dreamed up by dry stone waller Mark Ellis who will now see his ideas made real as he is the one building the maze!
  • The maze will have a wide range of features found in Yorkshire field walls and gardens, like stone step stiles, squeeze stiles, smout holes, kissing gates, phantom gates and moon gates,

Many ways to get involved

  1. Contribute to our Buy A Stone campaign. * By supplying your contact details, we will be able to send you periodic updates as the maze progresses (not applicable if you wish to remain anonymous) so make sure you select you wish to be contacted by us when you donate.
  2. Become a volunteer with the FoDF. You will get your own hands-on opportunity to help with the maze construction via our monthly work tasks – that will definitely be something to tell the grandchildren!
  3. We will be running stone carving workshops in 2016 led by local sculptor Jennifer Tatlow where you and your family will carve your initials into a stone that will be built into the maze for posterity. You will also be invited back to see it once it has been built into place. Watch this space for details.
  4. Later in the project, there will be opportunity to buy a stone carved with your initials into it – perhaps as a unique wedding gift, a gift for relatives living faraway or perhaps a stone in memory of someone.
  5. There will also be an opportunity to buy one of the Special Features in the maze (especially suited to business donors)


Mark Ellis’s website

Our fundraising Buy a Stone

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