Friends of Dalby Forest

Volunteering in the Great Yorkshire Forest

The Dry Stone Wall Maze

The world’s largest dry stone wall maze is being built in our forest!

The Friends of Dalby Forest are assisting in the development of the Dry Stone Wall Maze that is being built in Dalby Forest, helping to prepare the site as well as assisting Mark Ellis in practical tasks such as sorting the stone. But YOU can help the building of this exciting and monumental landmark too.

Here’s how to get involved

  1. Buy an initalled stone – just because you want to be a part of the maze, perhaps as a unique wedding gift, a gift for relatives living faraway or perhaps it’s in memory of a special person. 2020 is likely to be the last year of the Buy a Stone so place your order soon! All initials are professionally carved and all funds raised via this route go towards the maze building costs.
  2. imageMake your own mark! We have organised stone carving workshops led by a local sculptor where you and your family will carve your initials onto a stone at a dedicated workshop which will then be built into the maze for posterity. Due to COVID19, the in-person workshops have been put on hold but may restart later in the year. Please buy a carved stone to support the maze instead!
  3. Follow progress when we post about tasks at the maze on the FoDF Facebook group or on our Twitter page. The Maze has its own Facebook page too.
  4. Become a volunteer with the FoDF. We carry out some of our work tasks in and around the maze so you can be a bit more hands-on and help with site prep (not building!) You can tell your grandchildren “I was there”!
  5. For business donors and anyone interested in being a major sponsor, there are opportunities to buy one of the maze’s Special Features like gates, stiles and smout holes. If you are specifically interested in this option, please email:


Some A-Maze-ing Facts 

  • It will take 2 dry stone wallers several years to build the maze
  • The maze will be 80 metres x 80 metres
  • Maze walls will be 2 metres high and 1m wide at the base
  • 4032 tonnes of stone will be used
  • The full length of stone wall will measure 1610 metres
  • The concept of the maze was dreamed up by dry stone waller Mark Ellis who will now see his ideas made real as he is the one building the maze!
  • The maze will have a wide range of features found in Yorkshire field walls and gardens, like stone step stiles, squeeze stiles, smout holes, kissing gates, phantom gates and moon gates.

Useful links


Buy a Stone

Stone carving workshop review (October 2016)


Dalby Maze: A work-in-progress (2017)

Dalby Drystone Wall Maze (2016) from Ashcroft Interactive on Vimeo.


July 2016

April 2015

April 2015


September 2014

Older articles about the maze

4 thoughts on “The Dry Stone Wall Maze

  1. How do I buy a stone to be carved and how much are they


  2. Hello – I’ve just emailed you with the details!


  3. Any up-to-date details please. When will it be finished??


    • Hello. It will be a couple of years yet. It’s not being worked on full time and it is currently only being worked on by Mark and his assistant, but the third circle has started. If you buy a carved stone or come to a workshop to support the build then you will be invited to an open day to see your stone built into place and see progress for yourself. Speed will pick up once the more complicated curved lines are built as these are inherently slower to build. Additional updates are posted on the Maze’s own Facebook page (link above).


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