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Volunteering in the Great Yorkshire Forest

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Volunteers in the Mist

With Autumn in the air, our work task this month got off to a foggy start, and we completed the last 25m of the task we started last month. We then moved on to some round barrows (dating to the Bronze Age) in a clearing a short walk away. It was a satisfying task and should mean that the features are free from tree growth for at least a few years!


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Past, present and future Dalby

We had a great task this morning. We cleared vegetation (mostly pine saplings) off a section of one of the many scheduled (protected) archaeological features that sit within the forest. In this case, it was a post medieval enclosure/ boundary, which probably sits upon an even older pattern of land division dating back to the prehistoric period. The bank and ditch feature has not been excavated, so keeping it clear of tree saplings means the stratigraphical information it contains remains intact and preserved and is part of the long term management of the feature. Bit more of a busman’s holiday than usual for me this time since my day job is in archaeology!

Little frogs, beautiful clusters of fungi and birds’ nests provided some extra highlights.