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Volunteering in the Great Yorkshire Forest

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Planting apple trees – planning for the future

Thanks to everyone who came to our worktask this morning in the forest garden. And welcome too to two new volunteers Becca and Leslie.

With spring just around the corner, it was time to plant the apple trees we had, as reported after the last worktask. We also tidied up more of the beds, started some log piles for the insects,  as well as replanting some of the square bench planters across the bridge. We then finished early and made our way to the visitor centre for our AGM.

There was lots of discussion and plans for the future, but the main news is that Hillary and Peter announced that they would be stepping down as directors at some point later this year as they are moving from the area. They will be a hard act to follow and I thank them for all their hard work and support over the last few years,. However we welcomed Julie and Hedy into treasurer and director roles respectively, joining Judith and Margy, who will continue in director roles. The future of the Friends still looks bright!

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The Snowy Forest Garden

Thank you to hardy souls who turned out for a snowy, cold morning in the forest garden! The forest garden was originally planted in 2010 and is a layered structure of productive plants under a woodland canopy. The plants are all “useful” be they for medicinal, edible, construction or other ( eg pigment) purposes. We’ve been tending the garden in fits and starts for the last few years but felt it was time to really get to know the garden now that it is more established.

This morning we spent the time labelling plants and cutting back some of the lower structure plants like the creeping brambles which were swamping the herbs. We have a few more tasks to do like move some of the apple trees but only when the weather improves, and so will be at the garden again for next month’s worktask.


image image image image image image image


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From mire to path – in one morning! FoDF April work task

Our April work task saw us work on a part of Adderstone walking trail near the World Cup car park. We all worked really hard but it paid off as you can see from the before and after pictures!


It was a great effort and the children especially appreciated their private tuition from ranger Keith on  how to lop off branches! Continue reading

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Wonderful Weather for Working the Willow!

It was lovely weather for our work task this morning weaving in the new shoots and generally tidying up the willow structures in the park by the visitor centre. There were a few spaces where the willow hadn’t taken so we also planted to fill them in. We also welcomed 3 new volunteers, Lizzie, Mike and Sue. Thanks for coming everyone!



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Bringing you up to speed with our a-maze-ing plans!

This week saw a planning meeting for the next steps for the maze that’s being built by local dry stone waller Mark Ellis in the heart of Dalby, which will become a legacy for locals and visitors to enjoy.


The maze is an intricate build and needs over 4000 tonnes of suitable stone. It is being constructed in stages and how long it takes will be influenced by how quickly the funds can be raised and how kind the weather is! We hope the maze will be open to the public in 2019.

We have listed how you can help and how to get involved elsewhere, and the next few months will see the Friends focusing on fund- and awareness- raising. And next time you are at the Visitor Centre, please do take a moment to look at the new display that has been put in place.